Lyrics to Nancy Drew
by Relient K

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[edit]Song titleNancy Drew
[edit]Artist nameRelient K
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I got this thing for Nancy Drew
Her hair is blond, her eyes are blue
Yeah, I think that I'm falling in love
I wish she'd say she'd marry me

And why she won't is a mystery
Yeah, I know it's me she thinks of
Nancy Drew, I love you
(Yes I do)

One time these criminals with there guns
They thought it would be fun
Find more similar lyrics on try and kill my Nancy Drew
I jumped out and saved her life

Then I asked her to be my wife
She said, "No I'll never marry you"

It's a really big mystery
I'll put the Hardy Boys on the case
'Cause no time in history
Has someone denied my face

And I'll be true to you my Nancy Drew
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Lyrics to Nancy Drew
by Relient K

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