Lyrics to Revolution
by R.E.M

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[edit]Song titleRevolution
[edit]Artist nameR.E.M
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Yeah, yeah, yeah

Your revolution is a silly idea, yeah
All your friends are feeling sad
It's like you need a reason to be feeling bad, yeah
You sport an armband when you're good and mad, yeah

La, la, la, la, revolution
The future never happened
La, la, la, la, revolution

I don't know why I'm feeling bad, yeah
I picked up a bad vibration
Oliver North is running for Senate
Bomb the abortion clinic

Reagan's defense is the deficit
The virus was invented
Black man can't get acquitted
Of the crimes that we've committed
The future never happened, it never happened
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La, la, la, la, revolution
The future never happened
La, la, la, la, I picked up a bad vibration

Your revolution is a silly idea, yeah
You tried to look like a punk rock girl
A whole lotta sneer and little curl

I don't have time for your theatrics
Everybody knows that you're a bad actress
We've been sorry for way too long, yeah
But a scum is rising, yeah

La, la, la, la, revolution
The future never happened
La, la, la, la, revolution

La, la, la, la, revolution
The future never happened
La, la, la, la, revolution yeah
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Lyrics to Revolution
by R.E.M

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