Lyrics to The Whistler / Underture
by Ren & Stimpy

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[edit]Song titleThe Whistler / Underture
[edit]Artist nameRen & Stimpy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Ren: Boy Stimpy, we sure had fun here today. Now
it's time to say good-bye. Stimpy: Duh... where're
we going? Ren: The record's over. See you next
time! Stimpy: When's that? Ren: In a little while,
man. Stimpy: What'll we do 'til then? Ren: You
Find more similar lyrics on wax your legs. Listen to your Burly Benny
records. Eat the fruit cake Anut Esther gave you
last Christmas. Stimpy: (cryies) Ren: Hey
Stimpy... I know... you could play the record
again. Stimpy: Play the record again? Oh joy!
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Lyrics to The Whistler / Underture
by Ren & Stimpy

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