Lyrics to Without You
by Rent

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[edit]Song titleWithout You
[edit]Artist nameRent
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Without you
The ground thaws
The rain falls
The grass grows

Without you
The seeds root
The flowers bloom
The children play

The stars gleam
The poets dream
The eagles fly

Without you
The earth turns
The sun burns
But I die without you

Without you
The breeze warms
The girl smiles
The cloud moves

Without you
The tides change
The boys run
The oceans crash

The crowds roar
The days soar
The babies cry

Without you
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The river flows
But I die without you

The world revives
(Colors renew)
But I know blue, only blue
Lonely blue
(Within me blue)
Without you

Without you
The hand gropes
The ear hears
The pulse beats

Without you
The eyes gaze
The legs walks
The lungs breathe

The mind churns
(The mind churns)
The heart yearns
(The heart yearns)

The tears dry without you
Life goes on but I'm gone
'Cause I die without you

Without you
Without you
Without you
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Lyrics to Without You
by Rent

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