Lyrics to Bleed the sky
by Reveille

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[edit]Song titleBleed the sky
[edit]Artist nameReveille
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Systematically layered beneath the understated-
Border land calling me home
Curiosity has taken its toll
Empathetic- into the darkness I fall alone
Hear what you say when you whisper
the truth of your lies
I wanna fly over falling stars
How I love breathing into this lifelessness
Reminds me I can't paint like god

Say no more-

Carve me a smile, make it deep and wide and mortal
Find more similar lyrics on my eyes 'til the sky goes pop
Bleeding out in my own idolatry for you
My adoration dripping drop by drop by drop
Can't get enough symphony in her eyes to eden
Enter me my last chance for hope
Had a god but I fucked her all away
Because she couldn't feel what I wrote

Say no more-
I've heard enough to know
I wanna bleed the sky
Bleed the sky tonight- say goodnight tonight
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Lyrics to Bleed the sky
by Reveille

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