Lyrics to All Girls Cheat
by Rhymefest & Mario

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[edit]Song titleAll Girls Cheat
[edit]Artist nameRhymefest
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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And everything's gonna work out fine
I don't know man not the way things is lookin'
Look, let me tell y'all somethin'

Women, they do the same thing that men do, man
They cheat, they go out, they wild, they girls goin' wild
But they a lil' better at it than we at
See they plan it out man

And and if you don't understand how the game works
You know what? I think it's time for me to break it down to ya
Let me tell you my story

Now your sister lyin' for you when I walk in the house
She like, "Oh you just walked in, she just stepped out"
What I'm two seconds behind you, take detectives to find you
Let me just, remind you, who the hell you lyin' to

Said that you was goin' out with Claire
I called Claire she was at home, you wasn't there
I'm like ahh, hell naw, dawg she wouldn't dare
Dare she did, went to the club, there she is

That's my word, I started thinkin' all absurd
I started listenin' to Tank like
Yeah, yeah, I cheated once, twice, maybe three
But hey, that ain't the point, we ain't talkin' 'bout me

Don't change subjects and claim you love 'Fest
When every other day I don't know who you gon' fuck next
I'm thinkin' you my girl, my lady, my boo
Tell me admit nothin', we can work this through, psych

Are we, really sure
That a love that's lasted for so long can still endure
Do I, really care
Hey, hey, I'm talkin' 'bout distractions, goin' on elsewhere

Oh, you don't think you need game, homey, you better have it
'Cause women cheat like men, only they better at it
You kiss your girl on the cheek, thinkin' she sweet
She got a man to meet at least for every day of the week

Monday, she with Larry, he think he slicker than hair grease
Big daddy with a Caddy and he rockin' his hair piece
He like to show off, he's spendin' the bucks
But she ain't even gotta fuck him 'cause he can't get it up

Tuesday, she with Claude, he on some treat her like a lady shit
Find more similar lyrics on, pull the chair out and he's always there to babysit
So, Wednesday and Thursday, she can go out and dance
And if she met me, she probably had a one night stand

Friday, she back wit'chu, kissin' and cuddlin'
Talkin' 'bout her hard week and lookin' for love again
Now I ain't tryin' to tell you that you wrong for keepin' her
All I'm tryin' to say is you don't own her, you leasin' her

Are we, really sure
That a love that's lasted for so long can still endure
Do I, really care, hey hey hey
I'm talkin' 'bout distractions, goin' on elsewhere

Look, I'ma sing it one mo' time, man, don't get distracted
Your woman cheat like you, only she better at it
She come up with the plan befo' hand, befo' you even ask
"Where was yo' ass?"

She tell you where she been and then
Give you a hug, back rub, run the water for the tub
By now, you done forgot she was a thug?
Wait, you need some help stud

Yo' girl wearin' perfume and spandex like
I'm goin' to the health club with Sheryl
You know Sheryl, yeah you know Sheryl
With two baby daddies, one for her and one for yo' girl

And the whole world knows but they can't convince him
That's his baby momma and he's so defensive

She ride around in the Benz and spend them ends up
Took me to the mall, I was so expensive
I ain't tryin' to tell you not to give her your best
But you might wanna still have a paternity test

Are we, really sure
That a love that's lasted for so long can still endure
Do I, really care, hey, hey, hey
I'm talkin' 'bout distractions, goin' on elsewhere

Talkin' 'bout it goin' on elsewhere
'Cause there's so many girls, around the world
Goin' on elsewhere, goin' on elsewhere

'Cause there's so many girls, around the world
Goin' on elsewhere, goin' on elsewhere
Hey, hey, hey, hey
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Lyrics to All Girls Cheat
by Rhymefest & Mario

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