Lyrics to Romeo Loves Juliet
by Rick Astley

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[edit]Song titleRomeo Loves Juliet
[edit]Artist nameRick Astley
[edit]Lyrics languageGerman
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Sitting On The Balcony Sipping On Her Herbal Tea
That's Juliet, Juliet
Talking On Her Mobile Phone
Doesn't Like To Be Alone
That's Juliet, Juliet

And If She Won't Hang Up Or Put Down That Cup
How's That Girl Ever Gonna Know

That Romeo, Romeo Loves Juliet
Romeo, Romeo Loves Juliet

Wishing Her Life Away Nothing Left For Me To Say
About Juliet, Juliet
I Don't Wanna Know Let The Poison Steel The Show
For Juliet, Juliet
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And If She Can't See The Wood For The Trees
How's That Girl Ever Gonna Know

That Romeo, Romeo Loves Juliet
Romeo, Romeo Loves Juliet

Love Keeps No Time But Life
Slips Through Your Fingers
Love Has No Design But It's Memory Lingers

Romeo, Romeo Loves Juliet
Romeo, Romeo Loves Juliet
Romeo, Romeo Loves Juliet
Romeo, Romeo, Romeo Loves Juliet
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Lyrics to Romeo Loves Juliet
by Rick Astley

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