Lyrics to Howard
by Rickie Lee Jones

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[edit]Song titleHoward
[edit]Artist nameRickie Lee Jones
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The spirits of her abortion had manifested... The
spirits of all her abortions manifested themselves
into the furniture in the room There would be a
chair waiting, smiling, the pictures on the wall
watched her in disbelief She'd go carry the
garbage out to the sidewalk and come back in and
sit with all her children inanimate, petrified
forever A little boy named Howard, everybody knows
Find more similar lyrics on of those guys in school who kills everything
he finds, Every little cat, every mouse, every
dog, likes to burn his sister with cigarettes
Diabolical schemes, everything has been conspired,
the doors wired That's 'cause those south
Americans tied him up in a chair, He was doing
that dope deal, he never got over that You're just
made of words, you're just made of sounds
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Lyrics to Howard
by Rickie Lee Jones

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