Lyrics to Cattle Mutilation
by Rigor Mortis

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[edit]Song titleCattle Mutilation
[edit]Artist nameRigor Mortis
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The farmer finds his
lost livestock
The grazing idiots are dead
The carcasses are molested
But not a drop of blood was shed

Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!

Those cults with
sickening ritual
They perform gross operations
removing the external anus
Then sexual desecration

Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!
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Cattle mutilation!


Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!

Experimental surgery
Precision cuts from outer space
Or aliens need nourishment
And only eat the tail and face

Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!
Cattle mutilation!
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Lyrics to Cattle Mutilation
by Rigor Mortis

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