Lyrics to Anal Avril
by Riot 99

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[edit]Song titleAnal Avril
[edit]Artist nameRiot 99
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I know this Bird,
Avrils' her name,
when it cums to butt-fuckin,
she ain't got no shame!

I know she's only 18,
But she's my Anal Queen,
Anal Avril is so complicated,
Anal Avril is X-rated!

Find more similar lyrics on spreads it open wide,
and lets it glisten with pride,
She's a master of
"Ass Gape",
yeah it's tight, make NO mistake!

She's into the "Pig
on a spit"
high-fivin' whilst fuckin it,
she won't balk at a felch,
slam it in and hear it squelch!
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Lyrics to Anal Avril
by Riot 99

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