Lyrics to Dead or Alive
by Risk

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[edit]Song titleDead or Alive
[edit]Artist nameRisk
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You look out, you see
A man on his knees
Sick of his life
High on crack
Just a wreck dead

You get out, you see
A man's misery
Cracked up his mind
One more mad
One more dead
Dead or alive

Downtown connection
You've got to choose
A deal with hell
Dead or alive

Find more similar lyrics on will burn you out
It wants to smash you down
Caught in trouble,
caught in pain
murderer kills you

Not me, I'll win the fight
Not me, I'll stay alive
Not me, I'll do it right
I can't help myself
Dead or alive
Help me God
Help me please
Help me out
Please don't let me die
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Lyrics to Dead or Alive
by Risk

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