Lyrics to Escape from the Light
by Ritual Carnage

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[edit]Song titleEscape from the Light
[edit]Artist nameRitual Carnage
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I close my eyes blind to this world
I'm falling into darkness, surroundings are unknown

My mortal life's gone astray, I'm moving through this lifeless void
Tormented mind and soul, a dream of my own holocaust

Drifting in a blackened sea
There is no sign of life, a soul cannot be seen

Children of god you are thieves, you stole my childhood from me
Sermon of lies and pain, memories of everlasting hate
Find more similar lyrics on mental scars remain, I rose above your agony
Existence I detest, infernally I blaspheme you

Born unto faith, forced to obey, righteous and holy desire
Burden with grief, eternal belief, never to question his word
I choose to die, that live your lie, leave me to drift in this sea
The damage is done, forgotten son, infernally io blaspheme thee
Anger and pain, emotional drain, unanswered prayers far too late
Given you all, only to fall, the knowledge and lessons I've learned
Escape from the light, into the night, bound for my earthy return
I will survive, without a god, I will decide my own fate
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Lyrics to Escape from the Light
by Ritual Carnage

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