Lyrics to Devil in Skin
by River City Rebels

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[edit]Song titleDevil in Skin
[edit]Artist nameRiver City Rebels
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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come down from bliss
i feel your kiss
you walk
i wait
i got a feeling my apology
was much too late
i hear your voice
this ain't my choice
my love has gone away
i gotta write another
letter to communicate

i became a victim of my trust
now i'm a lonely bitter man
my broken heart was burnt to dust
now i've got devil under skin

i'm here
you're there
your dark black hair
no way i'm going to
extinguish this deep
feeling that goes on
and on
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your touch
i don't mean much
my girl
my kid
i guess i don't know
as much about you as i
thought i did

Repeat chorus

ad now you're gone
and life goes on
i wish
and i wait
the lonely lovers are
getting tired of
living day to day
my quiet telephone
your picture's gone
my love's gone away
it's time i send
another letter to
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Lyrics to Devil in Skin
by River City Rebels

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