Lyrics to The Everlasting
by Rob Rock

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[edit]Song titleThe Everlasting
[edit]Artist nameRob Rock
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Son of a king, ruler of all, Pharaoh's domain
River of Nile, blessing the land,
nothing can stand in your way
The kingdom is at your command

Bowing to fear, wielding control, oppressing the masses
Driving the slaves, breaking them down, under a heavy load
They cry out, pleading for mercy

The power and the glory, the revolutions coming
You've got to let my people go
Deliverance and redemption, you'll see my retribution
The Everlasting

The misery, the suffering, a burden so strong
Demanding relief, showing the signs, all to a hardened heart
You hold out, refusing the warnings

The power and the glory, the revolutions coming
Find more similar lyrics on've got to let my people go
Deliverance and redemption, you'll see my retribution
The Everlasting

No running away, can't hide for cover
No running away from the Eyes

River of blood, famine and plagues, miraculous signs
Still you refuse, harden your heart,
cursing the firstborn sons
Crying out, the judgment is here

The power and the glory, the revolutions coming
You've got to let my people go
Deliverance and redemption, you'll see my retribution
You'll feel my wrath across the land
The power and the glory, the revolutions coming
The Everlasting
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Lyrics to The Everlasting
by Rob Rock

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