Lyrics to Heaven from Here
by Robbie Williams

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[edit]Song titleHeaven from Here
[edit]Artist nameRobbie Williams
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Know no fear, I'll still be here tomorrow
Bend my ear, I'm not gonna go away
You are love so why do you shed a tear
Know no fear, you will see heaven from here

I'll shelter you, make it alright to cry
And you'll help too 'cause the faith in myself has run dry
We are love and I just wanna hold you near
Know no fear, we will see heaven from here

I see real love in your eyes
Find more similar lyrics on it fills me up when you start to cry

I just wanna hold you near
We will see heaven from here
Well, it all seems out of reach
I will take the blame if it keeps the peace

My shelf life's short wish they'd make it more easy to follow
And I've been caught with nothing but love on my mind
We are love, don't let it fall on deaf ears
Now it's clear, we have seen heaven from here
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Lyrics to Heaven from Here
by Robbie Williams

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