Lyrics to A Pint o Wine
by Robert Burns

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[edit]Song titleA Pint o Wine
[edit]Artist nameRobert Burns
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Yestreen I had a pint o wine,
A place where body saw na;
Yestreen lay on this breast o' mine
The gowden locks of Anna.
The hungry Jew in wilderness
Rejoicing o'er his manna
Was naething to my hiney bliss
Upon the lips of Anna.
Ye Monarchs take the East and West
Frae Indus to Savannah:
Gie me within my straining grasp
The melting form of Anna!
There I'll despise Imperial charms,
While dying raptures in her arms,
I give an take wi Anna!
Awa, thou flaunting God of Day!
Find more similar lyrics on, thou pale Diana!
Ilk Star, gae hide thy twinkling ray,
When I'm to meet my Anna!
Come, in thy raven plumage, Night
(Sun, Moon, and Stars, withdrawn a',)
And bring an Angel-pen to write
My transports with my Anna!
The Kirk an State may join, an tell
To do sic things I maunna:
The Kirk an State may gae to Hell,
And I'll gae to my Anna.
She is the sunshine o' my e'e,
To live but her I canna:
Had I on earth but wishes three,
The first should be my Anna.
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Lyrics to A Pint o Wine
by Robert Burns

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