Lyrics to Am I Wrong?
by Robert Palmer

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[edit]Song titleAm I Wrong?
[edit]Artist nameRobert Palmer
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Am I wrong
Fallin' in love with you?
Uhh, tell me am I wrong?
Well, fallin' in love with you
Uhh, while your other man
Was out there
Cheatin' and lyin'
Steppin' all over you

Uhh, sweet thing
Tell me am I wrong
Uhh, holdin' onto you so tight?
Tell me, tell me, am I wrong?
Holdin' onto you so tight
Uhh, if your other man
Come to claim you
He better be ready
Ready for a long long fight

Uhh, well I got to be strong
Uhh, well I know you're
Dependin' on me
Find more similar lyrics on know I got to be strong
I know you're dependin' on me
To give you all of my attention
All of my time
And all of the love you need

Oh, tell me am I wrong
Tryin' to hold on to you?
Uhh, tell me am I wrong
Tryin' to hold on to you?
I just wanna make
A home for your baby, yea
And all of your children too

Tell me am I wrong
Fallin' in love with you?
Uhh, you got to tell me am I wrong
Fallin' in love with you?
While your other man was out there
Cheatin' and lyin', steppin' all over you
While your other man was out there
Cheatin' and lyin', steppin' all over you
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Lyrics to Am I Wrong?
by Robert Palmer

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