Lyrics to Wreckless Love
by Robert Plant

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[edit]Song titleWreckless Love
[edit]Artist nameRobert Plant
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Now, red is urgent, green's a let off
And the score shows just another spin off
Orange jolts and brown is old
Gray is weary, don't touch gold

In the fireworks, away from the heat
Behind closed doors, away from the street
No one is listening, at least that's what you think
There's a slow fuse burning, much faster than you think

Like the new look all that matters
Through the lettuce swamp, back in the shadows
Purple Incomprehensible, yellow no
Silver's wood and don't touch gold

Dance through the colored razzmatazz
Wreckless love is creeping on you
Now watch her ways
'Cause wreckless love will drive you crazy

Will wear your mind out
Creeps up on you when you don't know
It'll find out, ah
Wreckless love, wreckless love
Oh, wreckless love, wreckless love, oh yeah

Race with my heart to the top of a kiss
Drive my desire but take care not to risk
Breaking my heart for it's all that I own
Find more similar lyrics on with my heart)

Ah come on, in these times I'm alone
(Race with my heart)
Other arms that held me so tight
Slip through my mind with you in the night
(Race with my heart)

Feelin' reckless, feelin' reckless
Wreckless love

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh, oh

Wreckless love, wreckless love
Wreckless love, wreckless love
Wreckless love, wreckless love
Wreckless love, wreckless love

Burn, oh baby, burn
Feel it creepin' up on you
This wreckless love, wreckless love
Now, now, now
This wreckless love, oh, oh Incomprehensible

Come on, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on, yeah
It's reckless, get it
Wreckless love, wreckless love
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, yes
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Lyrics to Wreckless Love
by Robert Plant

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