Lyrics to Every red Cent
by Rocky Votolato

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[edit]Song titleEvery red Cent
[edit]Artist nameRocky Votolato
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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we're moving on the bags are all packed / I'm
feeling like less of a wreck / the plans for
revenge have all been detailed and laid out / the
graves have all been dug don't let me forget one
for myself I've got hate running through my veins
/ and my blood runs like the venom of a poisonous
snake / emptiness, my old friend / keep me company
as I hunt down and kill my enemies cause there
must be someone to blame someone to blame for the
way I've been feeling / I've been shot at, I've
been cheated, how could you send me to this place
/ I have every right to feel the way I've been
feeling shut up - I don't want to hear anymore of
Find more similar lyrics on dirty excuses you've got hate running through
your veins / and your blood runs like the venom of
a poisonous snake / emptiness, my old friend /
will be your victory and the riches you have
earned you deserve every red cent it's too late to
turn back now / crying for a love that you know
you never learned how to make / buried in what you
dug / crying for a love when you know you never
learned how Hate is running through my veins / and
my blood runs like the venom of a poisonous snake
/ emptiness, my old friend / keep me company as I
hunt down and kill my enemies cause there must be
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Lyrics to Every red Cent
by Rocky Votolato

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