Lyrics to Dynamite
by Rod Stewart

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[edit]Song titleDynamite
[edit]Artist nameRod Stewart
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oh, look out Bill!
I got a studip little job
It's drivin' me insane
With those keyhole people
All they do is complain
About the tattoo on my arm
The ring in my ear
But I don't even care, no no
I just live through the week
And when I see them boys
You know their two-tone suits
They're all unimportants
If you need a set of hubcaps
Or a car painted
Girl, why don't you follow me
It's dynamite on Friday night
Under the big city lights
It's all right, all right
Yeah dynamite on Friday night
Under the big city lights
It's all right, all right
Play some sweet guitar, yeah
Well we meet on the corner
And we talk all night
About our wealth situation
at a rock'n' Roll drive
We go ... cruisin'
So the conversation
turns to wise girls
And more pearls
I got a beat up old Mustang
And I painted it black
There's five in the front seat
And the rest in the back
Cruise up and down Sunset
And watch all the jailbait roll by
Yeah it's dynamite on Friday night
Under the big city lights
Find more similar lyrics on's all right, all right
Yeah yeah, it's dynamite
on Friday night
Under the big city lights
IT'S all right, it's all right
All right, all right, all right
all right
Are you ready. Bring it down now
watch out. Well, well, well
Listen, one of these days
And it won't be long
Gonna hear that radio
playin' my song
I'll be the darling of masses
No great pretender, not me, yeah yeah
'Cause I can play this guitar
hangin' round my neck
I'm in love with its power
I believe in its strength
I got a head full of ideas
It's drivin' me insane
But until then
It's dynamite on Friday night
Under the big city lights
It's all right, all right
Yeah dynamite on Friday night
Under the big city lights
all right, all right, one time
It's dynamite, oh yes it's dynamite
It's just dynamite on friday night
IT'S dynamite, it'S on friday night
Oh friday night
It's All right, all right, wired
IT'S dynamite on friday night
Under the big city lights
IT'S all right, all right
all together ...
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Lyrics to Dynamite
by Rod Stewart

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