Lyrics to Manhattan
by Rod Stewart & Bette Midler

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[edit]Song titleManhattan
[edit]Artist nameRod Stewart
[edit]FeaturingBette Midler
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Summer journeys to Niag'ra
and to other places aggra-
vate all our cares.
We'll save our fares!

I've a cozy little flat in
what is known as old Manhattan
we'll settle down
right here in town!

We'll have Manhattan
the Bronx and Staten
Island too.
It's lovely going through
the zoo!

It's very fancy
on old Delancy
street you know.
The subway charms us so
when balmy breezes blow
to and fro.

And tell me what street
compares with Mott Street
in July?
Sweet pushcarts
gently gli-ding by.
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The great big city's
a wonderous toy
just made for a girl and boy.
We'll turn Manhattan
into an isle of joy!

We'll go to Yonkers
Where true love conquers
In the whiles
And starve together
dear, in Chiles

We'll go to Coney
And eat baloney on a roll
In Central Park we'll stroll
Where our first kiss we stole
Soul to soul

And "My Fair
Lady" is a
terrific show they say
We both may see it close, some day

The city's glamour can never spoil
The dreams of a boy and goil
We'll turn Manhattan
into an isle of joy!
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Lyrics to Manhattan
by Rod Stewart & Bette Midler

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