Lyrics to Nobody Knows
by Rod Stewart

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[edit]Song titleNobody Knows
[edit]Artist nameRod Stewart
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Ron Wood, Ronnie Lane)

I'm waiting here in patience and I'm waiting all in vain
will I see you, will I touch you, will
I hear you call my name ?
Comin' comin' comin' make
Ten steps to every one step that I take

Nobody comes and nobody goes, no one is
happy, and no one has woes.
Everything lasting, ever the same,
nothing is ending, nothing can change.

Find more similar lyrics on good Lord always has been, always will be ever the same.
And confusion mixed with illusion are years only turn again
With one and one hundred names,
had all the rooms, our key is to change.

Nobody comes and nobody goes, no one is
happy and no one has woes,
everything lasting, nothing can change,
nothing is ending, ever the same

And nothing the same, it's never the same
Ooh hoo
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Lyrics to Nobody Knows
by Rod Stewart

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