Lyrics to Oh no, not my Baby
by Rod Stewart

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[edit]Song titleOh no, not my Baby
[edit]Artist nameRod Stewart
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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When my friends told me you had someone new,
I didn't believe a single word was true.
I told them all I had faith in you.
I kept a-right on sayin'
Oh, no, not my baby,
oh no, not my sweet baby.
You're not like all those other girls
who play with the men hearts
like they were toys.
My mama told me, Son, when rumors spread
that there is truth somewhere, and
Find more similar lyrics on should use your head."
But I sure didn't listen to what
she said, don't you know
I kept a-right on sayin'
Oh, no, not my baby,
oh no, not my sweet baby.
You're not like all those other girls
who lead you on and
tell you lies
No, no.
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Lyrics to Oh no, not my Baby
by Rod Stewart

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