Lyrics to Heartburn
by Roderick Hollingsworth

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[edit]Song titleHeartburn
[edit]Artist nameRoderick Hollingsworth
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I used to fool myself like
I was so in love with you
I didn't know me then
I didn't know what I wanted to do
I always thought I had your love
Baby I gave you my heart
But in return what do I get
Just a fiery hot heartburn

My heart is burning and
I've barely put out all the flames
I gave it all to you
Gave you my everything
You took me for granted
And you know I couldn't stand it
The pain had begun
Here’s how I respond

Late at night sitting up
Wondering what the hell I was thinking
Driving me insane cause
I really can't deal with this
Although they always said
That you would leave me no longer breathing
I'm trying to heal myself
Stop my heart from forever bleeding
From this
Really killing me inside
Baby look into my eyes

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That you had cared for me
I did everything
Bought my own diamond rings
But when I went out
I acted like it was okay
That you were the best thing
That ever walked onto me
Lying to my family best friends
Who wanted me
To see the real you
For what you really were
Blinded by the sight thinking
I was being charmed
You left me with a heartburn



it's aching my soul can't no more
I'm dying my heart fell to the floor
You were the murderer
You always damaged her
Was it really you
That came and swept me off my feet
The one who made me so happy
That I had to weep
you're a lying thief babe
Taking so much from me
Taking away my dignity
Left me for trash alarm
You left me with a heartburn


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Lyrics to Heartburn
by Roderick Hollingsworth

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