Lyrics to Tearing
by Rollins Band

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[edit]Song titleTearing
[edit]Artist nameRollins Band
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The way you look at me
Is tearing me apart
And the way I make you feel
Is tearing you apart
And the things we're
doing to each other
Is tearing us apart
Look at you and me,
tearing each other apart
I don't mean to do it
You don't mean to do it
So we better stop it now
Because we're tearing each other apart

It's hard to be alone
But it's harder to be with you
I'm a lying liar with my pants on fire
Tearing myself apart
Slamming down the phone
right in your face
Find more similar lyrics on you apart
So close, too close, not close enough
Tearing each other apart
When I see you
I want to tell you
But then I lose the words
And it tears me apart

Better walk away
Before we crawl away
I've got a hole inside
And I keep it deep inside
And I'm going to go inside
And it's there I'm going to hide
Because I've got to get away
To see if I'm ok
Sometimes things don't work out
It tears you apart, it tears me apart
Sometimes happens all the time
And I'm feeling torn apart
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Lyrics to Tearing
by Rollins Band

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