Lyrics to Living with Aids
by Romanovsky & Phillips

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[edit]Song titleLiving with Aids
[edit]Artist nameRomanovsky & Phillips
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Dedicated to the memory of John
Peterman, and to the future of
people with AIDS and ARC.)
He's big and he's proud
He's abrasive and loud
He can roar like a lion or be meek as a lamb
God knows he's courageous
And sometimes outrageous
He inspires me to be all that I can
But I'll never forget
The last time we met
How my heart stopped at the story he told
He said "Life can be hard
When it deals you a card
That you never expected to hold."
But then he said "It's not the end
I rely on my friends
For all the affection and love they provide
And maybe with hugs
And without booze and drugs
There is still a good chance
that I may survive."
And maybe he will
'Cause he's active still
He goes to the marches and all the parades
He's not giving in
He's determined to win
Find more similar lyrics on's a person who's living with AIDS
Living with love, not living in fear
Embracing the light when shadows appear
It's a place to begin, it's a good way to start
Releasing the power we hold in our hearts
The loss of our lovers,
Our sisters and brothers
Is a wound that cuts deep
through our history of pride
And one way to heal
All the pain that we feel
Is to stand by the living and remain unified
So if you've got a friend
Whose condition is grim
Don't go burying him or drawing the shades
Surrender your doubt
By reaching out
To a person who's living with AIDS
Living with love, not living in fear
Healing with hope and drawing them near
It's a place to begin, it's a step we can take
Empowering people whose lives are at stake
Living with love, not living in fear
Embracing the light when shadows appear
It's a place to begin, it's a good way to start
Releasing the power we hold in our hearts
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Lyrics to Living with Aids
by Romanovsky & Phillips

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