Lyrics to Conversations
by Roses Are Red

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[edit]Song titleConversations
[edit]Artist nameRoses Are Red
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'd paint your hair crimson red. And your eyes
blue instead. If I could I'd draw a heart for you.
Fix it in between the essence of my hands.
Illuminate the arteries until you understand. I'd
paint your hair crimson red. The end of this halo
on your head. And your eyes. So hold me close
tonight. And take me with you when you leave.
Find more similar lyrics on'll watch the pieces falling closely into place.
I'll make you believe. And if I could see the
world in different colors, I'd read it in the air
as signals send them through. But every one is
just a different shade of you. I'd paint your hair
crimson red. The end of this halo on your head.
Andyour eyes. So hold me close tonight.
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Lyrics to Conversations
by Roses Are Red

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