Lyrics to Loony on the bus
by Roy Harper

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[edit]Song titleLoony on the bus
[edit]Artist nameRoy Harper
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You don't mind if I sit next to you
Do you madam
Help me with a point or two
Help me madam?
Help me ma'am to walk on by
Help me madam
A desert flood and a hole in the sky
Help me madam
I don't make a fuss
I can't do because
I'm just another loony
sitting next to you on
the bus
Yes I am ma'am
3000 acres of forest a day
Hell for leather
Felled and killed evaporates away
Heavy weather
Drifting north the deluge breaks
Acid mother
Death to all you swedish lakes
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If you make a fuss
I'll get you (faster) because
I'm bulldog english
loony sitting next to
you on the bus
Yes I am ma'am
But what I say ain't worth a sheet
Is it mother?
Breaking methane through the seat
Listen mother
Lighting it to warm my feet
Only mother
How we gonna cool the heat
Cool it mother
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Lyrics to Loony on the bus
by Roy Harper

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