Lyrics to Zombie zoo
by Roy Orbison

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[edit]Song titleZombie zoo
[edit]Artist nameRoy Orbison
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Tom Petty

All down the street they're standin in line
with white lipstick and one thing on their mind
hey little freak with the lunch pail purse
underneath the paint you're just a little girl

Dancin at the zombie zoo, dancin at the zombie zoo
Painted in a corner and all you wanna do
Is dance down at the zombie zoo

Cute little dropout, how come you pack a rod?
Is your mother in a clinic? Has your father got no job?
Find more similar lyrics on you're so impulsive you shaved off all your hair
you look like Boris Karloff and you don't even care
You're dancin at the zombie zoo dancin at the zombie zoo

She disappears at sunrise, I wonder where she goes until
The night comes fallin down again she shows
up with her friends half-alive

You can make a big impression or go through life unseen
You might wind up restricted and over seventeen
It's so hard to be careful, so easy to be led
Somewhere beyond the pavement you'll find the living dead
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Lyrics to Zombie zoo
by Roy Orbison

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