Lyrics to On the run
by Royal Hunt

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[edit]Song titleOn the run
[edit]Artist nameRoyal Hunt
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I got those wheels for nothin',
yeah, some cash to burn.
Talk of the town keep movin',
No excuses, no return.
Too dumb to steal, too proud to
beg - don't shake my tree.
I've been around the block,
There money's tight and nothing's free!

An angels face and butcher eyes, a
quiet prayer - pack of lies.
They call you fate - I call you pain
and here I go again!...

On the run,
My journey's just begun! I'm
On the run,
Oh God, what have I done!
On the run,
Find more similar lyrics on a unforgiven son, I'm
On the run!
Like a night I'm chasin' down...

I won't take any crap and I'm not comin' back,
I gonna give you kind of peace of mind,
No - shadow's right behind your back.
I've pumped it up, you've called me
bad news, now I'm gone.
No pity regrets 'bout,
Things I've said and things I've done.

Look all around the place - law's
gone, there's no respect,
Don't get too close I've got my reputation to protect!
So check it out the place is dead - low life, no fun.
You listen up, and listen good -
I'm better off just livin' on the run!
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Lyrics to On the run
by Royal Hunt

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