Lyrics to Sea Nature
by Rpwl

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[edit]Song titleSea Nature
[edit]Artist nameRpwl
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hillage, giraudy

I'm walking on the land
But my mind is under the sea
The fish in the sky just swim on by
And the birds in my brain keep on singing
The trees keep a-growing
And the seeds are sowing beneath the ether
It's time for my soul to go

Swimming inside nature
Diving through the flowers
Popping out at the bottom of the sea
In minutes that seem like hours

I want you to come with me
Find more similar lyrics on with your mind

We'll learn to feel the devas
And feed them with our vibes
Hear the music of the spheres through the ears
Of the cauliflowers and the
living grass that breathes

Now I want you to come with me
Journeying with your mind

So let's dive below the waves of words
And sink beneath the turbulence
And leave the restless images behind us
To touch the secret power of nature
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Lyrics to Sea Nature
by Rpwl

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