Lyrics to Two Gold Rings
by Rufus Wainwright

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[edit]Song titleTwo Gold Rings
[edit]Artist nameRufus Wainwright
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Somewhere near central London
I imagine not so far from
Trafalgar Square
and the lions
There lives an older gentleman
who teas with BBC and
Britain's ghost
His lady companion by his side.
Oh yes, I see him now.

And cross the deep blue sea
I cannot smell
Inside a symphony
the "Pastorale".

So besides the black rats swimming
I watch the English evening skies
reflect my heart
As I walk behind him,
Find more similar lyrics on for what's been lost
Like looking over all the trees
of Hampstead Heath
now before us in the twilight.
No, I can't bear it now.

And cross the deep blue sea
I cannot smell
Inside a symphony
the "Pastorale".

A jacket and hat...the only trace...
Two gold rings...
But never fades.

A jacket and hat...the only trace
Two gold rings...
But never fades...
A face....
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Lyrics to Two Gold Rings
by Rufus Wainwright

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