Lyrics to Beyond (the Horizons End...)
by Runemagick

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[edit]Song titleBeyond (the Horizons End...)
[edit]Artist nameRunemagick
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Beyond the darkest paths
Beyond the memories
Beyond the edge of life
Dark is the sky
Dark is the ground
Dark is the truth
Beyond the horizons end
After the journey
After the whispers
Of the twisted faces
After the torture
After the misery
The final step
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Beyond the black wall
Beyond the maze of pain
Dark is the souls
Dark is the dreamvoid
Beyond the horizons end
After the journey
After the whispers
Of the twisted faces
After the torture
After the misery
The final step
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Lyrics to Beyond (the Horizons End...)
by Runemagick

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