Lyrics to Funiculì-Funiculà
by Russell Watson

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[edit]Song titleFuniculì-Funiculà
[edit]Artist nameRussell Watson
[edit]Lyrics languageRomansh
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Jammo, jammo,
'ncoppa jammo ja'...
Jammo, jammo,
'ncoppa jammo ja'...
Funiculi - funicula,
funiculi - funicula...
'Ncoppa jammo ja',
funiculi - funicula.

Aissera, Nannine', mme nesagliette,
tu saje addo...
(Tu saje addo.)

Addo, sto core 'ngrato,
cchiu dispiette
farme nun po...
(Farme nun po!)

Addo lo ffuoco coce, ma si fuje,
te lassa sta...
(Te lassa sta.)

E nun te corre appriesso
e nun te struje
sulo a guarda...
(Sulo a guarda.)

Jammo, jammo, ecc.

Se n'e sagliuta, oje ne',
se n' e' sagliuta,
la capa gia...

E' ghiuta po' e'
tornata, po' e venuta...
sta sempe cca...

La capa vota vota
attuorno, attuorno,
attuorno a te...
(Attuorno a te.)

Lo core canta sempe no taluorno:
sposammo, oje ne'...
(Sposammo, oje ne'.)

Jammo, jammo, ecc.

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Let's go, let's go
let's go up to the top...
Let's go, let's go,
let's go up to the top...
Funiculi - funicula,
funiculi - funicula...
Let's go up to the top,
funiculi - funicula.

Last night, Nanninella, I went up
you know where... (You know where.)
Where your thankless
heart can do me no more
(No more harm!)

Where a fire is burning,
but if you run,
it leaves you alone...
(Leaves you alone.)

It doesn't chase after
you and destroy you
just by looking...
(Just by looking.)

Let's go, let's go, etc.

It's climed, today, it's climed
right to the top...
(Right to the top.)

It came, then went back,
then came again,
it's still there...
(It's still there.)

The top spins round and round,
round about you...
(Round about you.)

My heart sings the
same old complaint:
let's get married today...
(Let's get married today.)

Let's go, let's go, etc.
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Lyrics to Funiculì-Funiculà
by Russell Watson

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