Lyrics to Colors of Discipline
by Rustic Overtones

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[edit]Song titleColors of Discipline
[edit]Artist nameRustic Overtones
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(D. Gutter)
I heard the doctors on the street
who say their prescription's great
send my condolences to the kid who springs
to buy his brand new brain
you'll be big on the streets with friends
better steal some money or you're alone again
your hopes and dreams are like a beach
where water has dried to sand
Your colors have all gone away
colors of discipline white to gray
your vision will be black someday your
ambitions will be lax someday
like a dog lets rub your nose in
the mess that you made
how about your kennel for a couple of days
Find more similar lyrics on's yourself that you played
scratch past the scab over the wound that you made
It won't go clean, so you just let it bleed
you may have destroyed the flower
but you still have got the seed
If I had the time to give you a piece of my mind
I'd kick you out of my life
but just the same with your fame
your friends may think you're great
your friends are the ones with the sharpest haircuts
and guns and they'll beat me up if
I'm not the right punk
in the right club today
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Lyrics to Colors of Discipline
by Rustic Overtones

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