Lyrics to I'm Drinking Again
by Ry Cooder

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[edit]Song titleI'm Drinking Again
[edit]Artist nameRy Cooder
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Ry Cooder & Jim Keltner)

Yes, it's me and I'm drinking again
Tell everybody I'm drinking again
Doctor said it'd kill me
But he didn't say when
Have mercy, I'm drinking again

Yes, it's me and I'm drinking again
I'd like to dry out but I doubt if I can
My baby said she'd quit me but she didn't say when
'Cause I'm drinking again

Working two jobs, tryin' to get straight
Don't need the money, just want to lose weight
Gonna get you all the things that you lack
Diamond ring and a red Cadillac
Came home drunk and pushed you around
Don't you quit me baby, don't you put me down

I'll never do it again
I'll never do it again
I'll never do it again
I promise this time
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I came home last night about half past four
Whole neighborhood was rocking out on my floor
And my baby was working up under the sheet
With a teenage boy that lives down the street
I grabbed a bottle, he grabbed a gun
I heard somebody holler: "Shoot
him 'fore he runs"
And that's the reason why I'm drinking again
Tell everybody I'm drinking again
You can't lick 'em and you just can't win
Yes, it's me and I'm drinking again

Ain't it enough to start you drinking again
We got to live in a world full of sin
Thank you Jesus for what you have done
I'm sick and tired tryin' to be number one
Change my suit, change my shirt
Change what I dig and get out of the dirt

I'll never do it again
I'll never do it again
I'm going to get back in my gin
I'm drinking again
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Lyrics to I'm Drinking Again
by Ry Cooder

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