Lyrics to Teardrops Will Fall
by Ry Cooder

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[edit]Song titleTeardrops Will Fall
[edit]Artist nameRy Cooder
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(E) - (A) - (B7) - (F#7)

(E) I read your letter and (A)
tears filled my (E) eyes
All of your promises fading
(F#7) Was nothing but (B7) lies
(E)So I turned your photograph over
(A) Face to the (E) wall
And when I (A) dim the (E) lights,
in my (A) room (E) tonight
(F#7) Tear (B7) drops will (E) fall

(A) Tear (E) drops will (A) fall (E) tonight
(A) Tears I can't (E) hide
Tears that I tried to keep
Find more similar lyrics on Deep down (B7 )inside
(A) Tears (E) for a (A) love that's (E) gone
(A) Beyond re (E) call
And when I (A) dim the (E) lights,
in my (A) room to (E) night
(F#7) Tear (B7) drops will (E) fall

I'm gonna pray tonight, baby
Hoping you will hear
Maybe you'll right the wrong, now
And dry each tear
I'll sit alone tonight
Hoping you will call
And when I dim the lights,
in my room tonight
Teardrops will fall
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Lyrics to Teardrops Will Fall
by Ry Cooder

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