Lyrics to Can-U-Feel-Me?
by Saafir

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[edit]Song titleCan-U-Feel-Me?
[edit]Artist nameSaafir
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm cruisin, I'm losin money on gas
I pass a car with a star in it, I stare
For a minute, but that's the limit
Otherwise gas won't be the only thing
I'm losin' money too...ooh wee! It's
Tuesday, two days after the weekend
Imagine if the weekend was a day for
Weak minded men - anyway
I re-take my train of thought, I bought
a fat sack and I'm happy cause I got nappy
Soldiers in my crew, ya through, if
You don't learn so I learnt, that I'm burnt
I ran into my homie, yeah wassup?
At least I thought he was, but then I caught
the buzz that he was talkin behind my back
From his girl, ain't that Earl? For
Those who can't feel me, Earl means wack
In fact, I had that problem a few times
But I'll just splurge it in a new rhyme, then forget it
Maybe I'll split it in half, or laugh like this...
Ha ha ha... can u feel me?

I faked the funk, and conversated without a doubt
He was a chump, but with clout, I ended my route
at the liquor store and I tried to
buy a Guiness Stout, but I remembered it was nasty
But fools drink it cause it's a hip-hop classy
You can miss me with that trendy drink
Cause they, all make your breath stink, plus
Find more similar lyrics on is linked to all alcohol that
Arabians won't let you buy
they keep tellin me my identification is a lie
Why would I, put my face on plastic and in the space
where it says birthdate put "see owner"
fool, I'm a teenage organ donor
So I pick up my I.D. I ain't trippin - why?
Cause I'm high, already, on life
Once again - I'm riding
I'm about to hit the eastside of Oakland
I got my seat belt on so when the heat's felt
From 5.0, I'll turn up the song and start
Singing, "I wish police was a lease
that was up" Can u feel me?

Well it's gettin dark, but it's daylight savings time
Clocks go back, but I stay focused and
ahead cause I wanna be fat, can u feel me?
If you rap I like to fully flex, I like to box
I like breakin bullies necks
I like collecting checks and collecting respect
But I'm not there yet and until then
I'll just sell dank - sacks
20's, 10's, I'm drivin the weights to be
prepared in case I meet my fate and I'm always
thinking, "Where will I go when I die?
Will I be underground like I am now
or in the sky?" My man plan B is smilin
cause he can feel me, wassup Jess
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Lyrics to Can-U-Feel-Me?
by Saafir

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