Lyrics to Spiral of Winter Ghosts
by Sadist

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[edit]Song titleSpiral of Winter Ghosts
[edit]Artist nameSadist
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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here they are again
taken by an icy wind
they gently take place beside me
winter days ... once again
winter nights ... as it's always been
winter days ... this is my time
winter nights ... as it's always been
feel the cold, see the frost
forgotten in my brain
can you see the winter ghost?
coming thru' the rain
winter! (x2)
here they are again
eager for my essence
warriors, bearers of peace
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dressed in innocence
winter days ... this is my time
winter nights ... let 'em come to me
winter days ... once again
winter nights ... let 'em come to me
repeat 1st verse
i am so scared ...
there's no disguise!
the spiral of winter
do you think it's enough
to close a door?
the spiral of winter
to leave behind what is now!
winter! (x2)
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Lyrics to Spiral of Winter Ghosts
by Sadist

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