Lyrics to Postman
by Saint Etienne

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[edit]Song titlePostman
[edit]Artist nameSaint Etienne
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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On a fog bound morning
With my frozen tiger feet
All done, so I clocked off early
Walked down our street

Oh no
Oh no

Do I really deserve this?
Silhouettes at the window
It's so hard to believe this
Silhouettes at the window
I was only lonely, only thinking of you

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Put all my trust in you
Now my pride's in a thousand pieces
World slides from view

Oh no
Oh no

Do I really deserve this?
Silhouettes at the window
It's so hard to believe this
Silhouettes at the window
I was only lonely, only thinking of you
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Lyrics to Postman
by Saint Etienne

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