Lyrics to Knock Knock
by Salt 'N' Pepa

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[edit]Song titleKnock Knock
[edit]Artist nameSalt 'N' Pepa
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You and I together forever baby


I've been knockin' knockin'
Knockin' at the door
Open up and let me on in
I wanna be more than friends
Woo woo, woo woo woo

Sandra "Pepa" Denton:

Check you, Mr. Slick, who you tryin' to trick
See a sign sayin' pick, wanna play me for a quick stick
With the next chick telling me you working late
When my girls already saw you on a date
Whoopty-whoop, black, the hell with that, can't get me back
Bread's on the menu, pictures of the chick you had
Now you wanna flex to impress with the Lexus
Diamonds and negators, uh, I'll check you later
There's more comin' attractions in the movie theater
I turn you down with the fader, don't be a player-hater
Cuz you know what I'm workin' with son
The same damn thing that had you
shook, trickin' from day one
Feelin' the pimp now, pockets lookin' slim now
I'm want mad shit, it's
sh-sh-shoopin' like, hmmm, with him
No doubt, yeah, cuz I love the way he work it out
And he showed me things you don't even know about

Chorus (2x)

Cheryl "Salt" James:

Always and forever, I remember when you sang it to me
I feel you sleezin' me, sleepin' with the enemy
The lifestyle you was livin' was a mystery
Don't say shit to me, cuz now you history
Don't ask where you are, I wanna know how far
I hear you trickin' on hookers at the bar
You're makin' moves on the girl
Ain't got a care in the world
That's why I made you double up every time I twirled
But the sex is not the best, don't expect me to take less
So rest, and the next man come and bless
The daisy, boy you crazy, don't play me
Find more similar lyrics on over yourself baby, cuz you don't even faze me
I'm known as Salt in the game with aim and no shame
And I still have my fame to claim, ain't nothin' changed
But the weather, and how to make the cheddar better
And I'll never take you back, that's always and forever

Day Ta Day:

And those roses on the bed
And you grabbed me and said
Ooh, you got it, hmmm, you got it
Remember I held you real tight
And I rocked it all night
I said, hmmm, I got it, hmmm, I got it

(So) Let me in, (Let) let me in (My baby)
Let me in, let me in (Ooh)
Let me in, let me in (I'm on my hands and knees, girl)
Let me in, somethin' 'bout the way I feel

Sandra "Pepa" Denton:

Oh my, how the table's turned, play with fire you get burned
What goes around comes around, now your ass is hurt
Reminiscin' how the Pepa was a real lover
The type of girl that made you uh-uh-uh, over and over
You talkin' like you want me back, but never brother
You blew it, when I pulled your cover, however
No need for me to stress the mess
The mess caused in our love nest, nevertheless, yes

Cheryl "Salt" James:

Moving on, looking good, and I'm well-dressed
The blessed achieve high self-esteem, fulfill my dream
That's why I always get the cream cuz I got my child
Who makes me smile, no time for the man who
keeps it wild (That's right)
I'm keepin' you on foul, you exiled, that's how it gotta be
So cease cuz you ain't pleasin' me
Salt-N-Pepa brand new, uh, for the nine-seven
Sorry asses get to steppin'

Chorus (2x)

You and I together forever

Chorus (Repeat 'til fade)
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Lyrics to Knock Knock
by Salt 'N' Pepa

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