Lyrics to Just one Night
by Samantha Fox

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[edit]Song titleJust one Night
[edit]Artist nameSamantha Fox
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Full Force)

I love you
And all it takes is just one night alone with me
To show you that there can never be anyone else

All I need is Just One Night alone
Just One Night alone, one night

And as we lay down here together on this soft warm bed
I think back to the time when we first met
And all those memories; that just keeps dancin' in my head
I love it when you touch me here
When you touch me there
And when you touch me right here
Show you right
We had so many good times, but the best time was
When I fell in love in just one night

All I need is Just One Night alone with you
And I'll show you love like you've never seen before
Just One Night alone with you, I'm all you need
And I'm sure you'll come for more

The way you make me feel so happy
The way you make me feel so good
That is something I just can't hide
And the way your body touches my body
It penetrates to feeling deep, deep inside
The way you make love excites me, everywhere
My neck, my lips, my feet, can you see
And then again you've got to be real good
In order to make love to me

All I need is Just One Night alone with you
And I'll show you love like you've never seen before
Just One Night alone with you, you're all I want
You're all I need, and I've gotta have you to myself

Oh I need you so much

M: Oh yeah I know you need me because I am the man
And when it comes to makin' love, I'm
in control, I know this, I mean I
Find more similar lyrics on you're there
But I'm the one who has to get up all
the strength and creativity to do the
job that I do.
S: Hum, well Speedy lately you've
been fast. The next time you do your
job try to last.
M: Try to last?
S: Yeah try to last!
M: Wait a minute, what do you mean try to last?
S: You know, at least we can wake up
in the morning together and you can
bring me a cup
of tea or something
M: Oh I just thought when you said try to
last I wasn't doing the job...well
S: Well you don't last that long, do you?
I mean what's wrong with you?
M: You mean when I had my fever?
I was sick, sweetheart, I mean, you know
what are you talking about?
S: It's getting a bit, I mean, look,
normally it's the woman who get the
headaches but that
doesn't happen any more.
I see that, it's you, the guys are
getting all the headaches these days and
it's not happening
M: Wait a minute, what are you talking about.
I do my thing, I mean, I just had a bad back, that's all.
S: I thought you said it was a headache!
M: Yeah well that too, but well give me a break
S: You've had so many things wrong with you lately
You forgot which one's wrong now
M: I'm so sleepy
S: Yeah well, I'm gonna go out and get me some fun
M: Hey, where are you going?
S: Naughty girls need love too! Bye bye
M: Don't try that
Hey wait a minute! Wait a minute!
S: I'm out the door
M: Hey, give me my money
S: See ya
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Lyrics to Just one Night
by Samantha Fox

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