Lyrics to Cajun Woman
by Sandy Denny

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[edit]Song titleCajun Woman
[edit]Artist nameSandy Denny
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Baby that preacher gave you spring
In the window with his finger in the undertaker's wing

Oh, Cajun Woman
Some people still call you a queen
I don't believe you're sinking
Look at all the trouble you've been
He grew up in the Bayou with a Bible around his neck
He never loved a woman in the way you would expect


Don't tell him about his father,
Find more similar lyrics on't tell him about his name
The Gods won't get to heaven till
they'll crucify his brain


Well, it's welcome to the graveyard
and welcome to the throne
Welcome to the orphanage where your family sit and moan
Welcome to the liquor stand and welcome to the poor
Your mama never told you how lucky you are

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Lyrics to Cajun Woman
by Sandy Denny

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