Lyrics to Polly on the Shore
by Sandy Denny

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[edit]Song titlePolly on the Shore
[edit]Artist nameSandy Denny
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Come all you wild young men and a warning take by me
Never lead your single life astray or into bad company
As I myself have done, being all in the month of May
When I, as pressed by a sea captain, a privateer to trade
To the East Indies we were bound to plunder the raging main
And it's many the brave and a galliant ship we sent to a watery grave
Ah, for Freeport we did steer, our provisions to renew
When we did spy a bold man-of-war sailing three feet to our two

Oh, she fired across our bows, ``Heave to and don't refuse
Surrender now unto my command or else your lives you'll lose''
And our decks they were sputtered with blood
And the cannons did loudly roar
Find more similar lyrics on broadside and broadside a long time we lay
Till we could fight no more
And a thousand times I wished meself alone,
All alone with me Polly on the shore

She's a tall and a slender girl with a dark and a-rolling eye
And here am I, a-bleeding on the deck
And for a sweet saint must die
Farewell, me family and me friends, likewise me Polly too
I'd never have crossed the salt sea wide
If I'd have been ruled by you
And a thousand times I saw meself again,
All alone with me Polly on the shore
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Lyrics to Polly on the Shore
by Sandy Denny

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