Lyrics to Free all the People (South Africa)
by Santana

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[edit]Song titleFree all the People (South Africa)
[edit]Artist nameSantana
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You got to free all the people in South Africa...
You got to make life worth living in Soweto
You got to free all the people in South Africa
You got to make life worthwhile
Give reason to smile

Freedom is a birthright
Given by Jah to Man
You can not claim it...This you must understand
Who are you to decide...Who has to give it up
Know it in your heart...That it's wrong
They've had enough

Slavery is brutal...It steals your identity
Wherever it's living...Suffer humanity
What leads you to
Find more similar lyrics on can treat people
You know it isn't right...Give up the fight
Let them Go!


It's not right...This hate for
Life you're teaching
No more fight...We're all in this together
you've lost sight...You'll
never find what your
Soul is seeking abolish...Apartheid

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Lyrics to Free all the People (South Africa)
by Santana

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