Lyrics to Plays Pretty for Baby
by Saosin

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[edit]Song titlePlays Pretty for Baby
[edit]Artist nameSaosin
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I feel her smooth skin slightly
brush against the back side of my arm.

I need the song started over
Your crying made me miss my favorite part.

I hear the exclamation point!!

Chorus 1
Her eyes are so there (daa doo doo...)
They're greener...

Find more similar lyrics on back, the song is almost over
I tried to hear you out but I dozed off.

I need the song started over
Your crying made me miss my favorite part.

Rachael, it's times like this I wonder!!

Chorus 2
Your eyes are so there (daa doo doo...)
They're meaner...
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Lyrics to Plays Pretty for Baby
by Saosin

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