Lyrics to Seed of Fear and Anger
by Satanic Surfers

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[edit]Song titleSeed of Fear and Anger
[edit]Artist nameSatanic Surfers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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All children brought into this world are born innocent
And free from prejudice, hatred and oppression
But soon their minds are screwed up by the lies
The morals and traditions of society

Soon the words they speak reflect the values of their elder
And the seed of fear and anger once again begins to grow
Once again imposed on the next generation
The only way to kill this weed is to resist
And erase the prejudice inside ourselves
Find more similar lyrics on one day we might change this world

Don't let that seed of fear and anger take root x2
Once again imposed by the next generation
The only way to kill this weed is to resist
And erase the prejudice inside ourselves
And one day we might change this world
Yeah, one day we might change this

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Lyrics to Seed of Fear and Anger
by Satanic Surfers

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