Lyrics to Be you Angel, be you Beast
by Satariel

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[edit]Song titleBe you Angel, be you Beast
[edit]Artist nameSatariel
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Lyrics: Pär Johansson

I've crawled down graves so deep
Climbed the ladder of light
I've kissed the cross
Then broken it in halves

God speak unto me
Be you angel, be you beast
But come unto me
Clear the path, rid all doubts

But read my soul please
I don't know who you are
Am I but another fool
Or am I speaking to a god now

God speak unto me
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But come unto me
Clear the path, rid all doubts

This is my sacrament
My ever going strife
This is what I cry for
What's my purpose
Am I a gatekeeper
For black holes and chaos
Or the herder of souls
Like Buddha

God speak unto me
Be you angel, be you beast
But come unto me
Rid all my doubts
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Lyrics to Be you Angel, be you Beast
by Satariel

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