Lyrics to Anymore
by Savatage

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[edit]Song titleAnymore
[edit]Artist nameSavatage
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Don't want to walk upon the water
Don't want to look across the waves
Instead of seeing hills of water
I just see markers on their graves

But in the fading of a season
To look across an empty sky
For a forgotten childhood reason
To once more wish that you could

Close your eyes and just believe again
There's a God does he remember when
We were young and faith was not pretend

And in the night he sees the ocean
Carve its thoughts upon the shore
For in the way it was created
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And every message it would leave him
The next wave carefully erased
As the tears that passed between them
Were so real that you could

Close your eyes and just believe again
There's a God does he remembers when
We were young and faith was not pretend

And all at once the waves were getting higher
And as they crashed I thought, I heard them say
There'd be a time when men would all be wiser
When everyone, everyone
Yes everyone is saved
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Lyrics to Anymore
by Savatage

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