Lyrics to Hounds
by Savatage

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[edit]Song titleHounds
[edit]Artist nameSavatage
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sun sets on the moor
The cry of the hounds live forevermore
Stalking the night
They roam the countryside
till morning's light
Do you hear the hounds they call
Scan the dark eyes aglow
Through the bitter rain and cold
They hunt you down
Hunt you down
They run wild and free
Across the fields and valleys
of their native land
Nature's beasts deranged
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Do you hear the hounds they call
Scan the dark eyes aglow
Through the bitter rain and cold
They hunt you down
Hunt you down
Can you hear them in the night
They've got you in their sight
Do you hear the hounds they call
Scan the dark eyes aglow
Through the bitter rain and cold
They hunt you down
Hunt you down
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Lyrics to Hounds
by Savatage

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